About the Felst (a.k.a. Oopstock, Oopfest, Rhinestock, the Music Party . . . )

Back in 1994 we started an annual party for all of our musician friends to come play tunes. It's also for all of our friends to come hang out and enjoy some great music, great people, and with a little luck, great summer weather.

Everyone is welcome to camp in our yard for the weekend. I recommend coming Friday and staying Friday and Saturday night if you can. If you get here in time for dinner on Friday, try to bring a dish to share for a potluck dinner, though we provide dinner food and if you're traveling, no worries if you can't bring anything. We provide beverages, bagels and probably other misc. breakfast foods on Saturday and Sunday morning and salads and side dishes for the party Sat. evening. Additional side dishes, munchies, or other food for the party are welcome!

ABOUT FOOD - In order to try to minimize mess in the kitchen, we provide burgers and hot dogs that everyone can grill (grill your own!) for dinner on Sat. Evening. If you don't like burgers or hot dogs, feel free to bring something else.

WHAT TO BRING - Something to sit on (blanket or chairs), camping gear (or else see the link below for a possible place to stay), clothes for hot or cool (summer evenings in NH can get pretty cool), bug spray if you use the stuff, sunscreen, flashlight, misc food (or just pop over to Dublin general store), instruments, and most important, the desire to have a blast!

ABOUT THE MUSIC - One of the greatest things about the party is that it has built up a critical mass of talented musicians who every year seem to find and form new combos and take the music to the next level. I'm pretty amazed that we can get so much talent in the same place at the same time year after year. We start the music through a full PA system at about 1:00 Saturday afternoon. Around 4:00 we have an open mike slot designated for performers who would like to do a song or two, but don't have a designated set (particularly younger performers!). We end the amplified music around 10:00 on Saturday night. Acoustic music continues around the campfire on into Sunday morning.

If camping isn't your thing, this is a good option about 15 mins. away. You can also search hotels in Keene, NH for options about 30 mins. away.

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