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The New York Years
(scroll way down for some NH footage)

1994 HIGHLIGHTS: The first Felst - it's all vintage!...and ned and gary's striped shirts certainly make a statement...

In order of appearance: unknown guitar player, ned washburn, gary fuges, chris thompson, meredith thompson, unknown banjo player, april, rhine, unknown guitar player, unknown fiddle player, jeremy, dan fields

1995 HIGHLIGHTS: The ho-down!, tarp falling on craig, debut of daddy sexual, THE SOLO!

In order of appearance: craig muller, rhine, chris thompson, meredith thompson, graham on percussion, jim triplet, unknown banjo player, ho-down dancers, steve, jordy, april, zay (in utero), jodo, justin washburn (a.k.a. daddy sexual), ned washburn, meg guroff, gary fuges

1996 HIGHLIGHTS: Various Salad jam configurations, Salad backup singers (jodo, april), tight Feelin' Alright ending, "Kill the Fiddler, Kill the Fiddler"...

In order of appearance: gary mcgraw, rhine, gary fuges, jim leighton, amy barley, craig muller, jordy, april, mike sjaastad, ned washburn, jed washburn, jodo

1997 HIGHLIGHTS: Jordy singing john prine; "yes, yes, yes, no, no, no"; ned and john dancing; scat version of "Desire"

In order of appearance: gary mcgraw, rhine, tim smith, craig muller, jodo, april, jordy, jack mcgraw, april, george fox, jim leighton, justin washburn (a.k.a. daddy sexual), zay, john degen (dancer), keviny

1998 HIGHLIGHTS: chaotic transition, zay & later toddler walking across stage, extremely passionate version of "ring of fire", ned and justin's mutual admiration, ned, i need the lyrics..., debut of reno

In order of appearance: mike sjaastad, ned washburn, gary fuges, justin washburn (a.k.a. daddy sexual), rhine, amy barley, jodo, april, meg guroff, paddy, craig muller, sax man, john degen (dancer), jim leighton, beth-anne bovino, bissy leighton

The Felst in New Hampshire